"To continue falling in love reminisce about your favorite date nights, wedding day, honeymoon, and travels together ..."

- the Gottman Institute

Painting YOU and your spouse

I illustrate MEMORIES to remind you of the love you share with your spouse.

It has been incredible to watch as finished paintings are delivered to grateful, teary-eyed clients.

Let me tell you about Cory.

Cory came to me asking if I would recreate a memory of him and his wife at Disneyworld. His wife is a HUGE disney fan so Cory had the idea to make this a gift for her. (Isn't he awesome?)

He provided me an image of them at disneyland as well as other photos to reference and I went to work!

Below you can see his reaction (and his wife's) to the finished painting upon delivery

Video of Client Examples

The Perfect Gift

If you're looking for something for your next anniversary, birthday, valentines day, etc. GIVING a custom painting of a cherished memory is sure to inspire heartfelt conversation to deepen your love.

More Examples

Each and every painting begins from scratch.

I'm confident we will make something wonderful together!

Tell me about the memory you want us to bring to life

We will work step by step together

The process that I have developed for working with clients is based off of my experience and feedback. My main goal with any custom painting is that YOU are completely happy with what we create together.

That is why I work in stages. Read below to learn about each stage.

The first stage is what I call "Idea Generation". This is an iterative stage where we bounce back ideas quickly to generate a sketch of the painting.

After you approve the sketch, we move into the "Color Comp" stage. At this part of the process I begin laying in colors so that you can get a feel for how the finished painting will look.

After you approve the "Color comp" we move into "Rendering and Detailing". This is by far the longest stage in the process where I meticulously paint every detail needed for the painting.

Once this stage is complete I will send over a 72 DPI version of the image for review.

Once that is approved we move onto the most fun stage: Final delivery!

I will ship you the painting so you can ... surprise your spouse! or hang it up on your wall! Or add it to a collection. How you enjoy this memory is completely up to you.

Commonly asked questions

That's okay! I have created paintings for people with no photo reference before. In that case, we will work closely to make sure we include every last detail.

That's a great question!

There's no one price for every painting, fill out the form above so I can ask you a few more questions to give you a personalized quote. I look forward to speaking with you! Or you can email me at josh@theartofjoshnelson.com

I love that you asked! Currently I make all of my illustrations using a 12.9 inch Ipad Pro with the app procreate. The tool I paint on the Ipad with is the Apple Pencil 2.

The Amazing thing about working digitally like this is that I can share EXACTLY what I'm making for you since it's on a computer already. If you have any questions about the process, please reach out using the form above. I look forward to speaking with you!

Or you can email me at josh@theartofjoshnelson.com

While it depends on the level of detail requested, I can usually finish a painting and have it ready to be shipped within 3 - 4 weeks.